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Tagmobile Ticketing

Host card Emulation and Ticketing

Tag Systems’ market leading mobile ticketing solution was developed in-house by its associated company Seglan and is a combined Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Tokenisation Solution.

Tagmobile Ticketing Solution simplifies the process of issuing and management of transit tickets to public transport companies; the Solution integrates in a single platform the issuing, purchasing and management of the tickets.

Tagmobile Ticketing can be easily integrated in the existing transport solutions and reduces the cost of cash management for public transport companies.

Tagmobile Ticketing Solution is compatible via ISO commands with the most common access control platforms.

How does it work

Customers download the ticketing application in their NFC mobile handsets. A virtual wallet is created and activated for each user in the HCE ticketing server. Customers get the credentials to access their virtual wallets and they are able to pay and load tickets to the wallet. HCE technology provides the highest level of convenience and security for ticketing solution.

With this solution an account is created in the cloud for each customer, so every time the customer buys tickets, the information therein is synchronized with both with the payment gateway and the mobile application in the customer’s handset.

Comfortable and user-friendly solution for customers; they will no longer have to queue for tickets nor to worry about coins.