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Tagmobile Payment

Host card Emulation and Mobile Payments

Tag Systems’ market leading mobile payment solution was developed in-house by its associated company Seglan and is a combined Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Tokenisation Solution. Tagmobile solution has been chosen by a number of very large European Banks and payment processors.

Mobile payment technologies have been evolving very fast during the past years. Financial Institutions and Payment processors have been introducing solutions based on secure element and HCE (Host Card Emulation). At its turn, mobile phone manufacturers and emerging actors in the Payment sector have created their own Pay schemes. As a result, today we are living in a fairly complex ecosystem of mobile payment services.

Tagmobile Payment solution simplifies the ecosystem complexity with a single platform for implementation of issuer’s own token service or to use the services from the biggest payment card schemes, like Visa and MasterCard. We offer a complete package for implementation of mobile payment services.