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Tag Systems’ Contactless Payment Sticker turns any mobile handset into a contactless EMV payment device, without any need for handset or systems upgrade. Tag Systems’ sticker are a convenient method for low value payments where a simple tap on POS will complete the transaction.

Tag Systems’ Contactless Stickers are an additional payment device that may be proposed to customers. They can be issued as a companion to a Dual Interface card or as a separate standalone product. Easy to personalize with standard contactless card personalization equipment.

To use the sticker, your customers will just need to snap the sticker from the shuttle-card, peel off the adhesive and stick it in the most convenient position on their mobile handset. The installation is done, that easy! Your customer is ready to pay!

Technical features:

Reduced size of 48 x 29 mm
Metal shielding ferrite

Java CardTM 2.2.2
Global Platform Card Specification 2.1.1
Contactless interface: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Visa ® VSDC 2.8.1 f
Interac 1.4
Other applications upload possible
(PKI, Biometric CVM, loyalty…)

You can emulate a mobile payment experience combining TAG Systems’ sticker and Tag Systems’ Tokenized HCE mobile payment application.