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Biometric Cards

Tag Systems' Biometric card is a Dual interface payment card that incorporates an extra layer of security in the payment transactions. Cardholders approve the transactions via a fingerprint sensor embedded in the card instead of introducing a PIN in the terminal.

Payments with biometric cards are done by tapping or introducing the card into the POS terminal just like a regular card; the difference is the authentication method. All transactions with biometric cards, no matter for which amount, require fingerprint authentication. This authentication is achieved by pressing the fingerprint sensor when tapping the POS terminal. PIN code can still be used with biometric cards as an option or as a fallback solution whenever the customer's fingerprint can't be used (ex. some ATM machines).

With Tag Biometric cards payment transactions are more:

  • Convenient: no payment limit for a contactless transaction

  • Hygienic: no need to touch the pad numbers in the POS

  • Secure: if the card is lost/stolen, as the fingerprint authentication is always required, no low-value contactless payments will be possible.

Fingerprint enrollment

The first step to be able to use a biometric card is to enroll the fingerprint data in the card. The process of enrollment is straightforward and can be done anywhere by the cardholder using a sleeve or a mobile phone (coming soon). Enrollment is done in few seconds, once completed the card is ready to be used.

The fingerprint data is securely stored only in the Secure Element of the card to ensure that cardholder's data is protected. Biometric data never leaves the card.

Tag Biometric card is an innovative payment solution addressing the security concerns of many cardholders.
Surveys show the willingness of cardholders to pay additional fees to obtain a biometric card, they are a new source
of revenue for issuers.

Biometric cards the next top-of-wallet card.